Lobby in Moon Bar at The Condado Plaza Hilton


A delicious selection of restaurants

The Condado Plaza Hilton offers enticing San Juan, Puerto Rico dining options to take you from your very first cup of fresh-brewed Starbucks Coffee to that late-night dining splurge after your night out in Condado.

Exterior view of Aqua Bar at The Condado Plaza Hilton

Aqua Bar

The casual outdoor Aqua Bar refreshing drinks.

Tables arranged for Dinning  at Café Caribe Restaurant

Café Caribe

Family style service, classic pasta dishes, pizzas, and an extensive selection of gelatos and desserts make this casual restaurant an ideal choice for breakfast and dinner.

Exterior view of the entrance in Starbuck Restaurant


Never a need to take a break from your cherished breakfast routine. Starbucks is the leading retailer, roaster and brand specialty coffee in the world.

Snacks and Drinks at Viaggi Grab-‘N-Go Shop

Viaggi Grab-‘N-Go

Late for your tee time? Forget to eat breakfast before your morning meeting? This convenient snacks and drinks shop is tailor-made for guests on the run.